Beautiful. Music.

Bittersweet is a "dream team" of Brevard County musicians, formed in 2012 by Tammy Haun, Leslie Mitchell, Shelly McLoney and Michael Hance.  This acoustic group features beautiful harmonies accompanied by piano and guitar, with an eclectic and sometimes surprising songlist that spans genres and eras.    

SHELLY MCLONEY (vocals) has been performing all her life, so she is right at home on stage.  She provides a soulful and heartfelt interpretation of the songs of Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Joan Baez, Axl Rose, and more.  

TAMMY HAUN (vocals and guitar) is a Virginia girl, and brings a sweet country vibe to the group.  Her lovely soprano will tug heartstrings one minute, and belt out some Aretha Franklin the next - and she plays a mean guitar!

MICHAEL HANCE (guitar and vocals) provides the beautiful acoustic lead guitar, as well as the bass note to the choral harmonies.  If you're lucky you'll catch him singing lead on a Three Dog Night or Buffalo Springfield tune!

LESLIE MITCHELL (piano and vocals) adds the keyboards that balance out the instrumental sounds of Bittersweet.  Her versatile background vocals fill in the harmonies and she'll even occasionally take the lead.